Life is often compared to a marathon, but I think it is more like being a sprinter; long stretches of hard work punctuated by brief moments in which we are given the opportunity to perform at our best.
— Michael Johnson

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Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, Wayne was raised by a family of educators. Attending the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, Wayne discovered three passions: biology, chemistry and track. Becoming a nationally ranked 1500-meter runner and participating in the Olympic Trials, Wayne took his training and nutrition seriously. After graduating with degrees in Biology and Chemistry, Wayne settled in Las Vegas, teach high school students Biology and Chemistry. At Las Vegas High School, Wayne received his first National Biology Teacher of the Year Award. Las Vegas was also the place where Wayne combined his passion for track with his knowledge of biology, chemistry and nutrition to open the first Elite Health Foods store.

Finding his way to Los Angeles, Wayne began working as a high school Biology and Chemistry teacher in the Los Angeles area. While teaching high school students during the week, his free time was spent designing nutrition and supplement programs for high caliber athletes. His cliental ranged from those competing in the U.S.A. Olympic Games to professional athletes within the L.A. Dodgers, NBA, and NFL, as well as college athletes at universities across the United States, especially those from USC and UCLA. Additionally, his wellness concerns included customers who were faced with health issues such as weight management, diabetes and high blood pressure. His first line of attack was always nutrition, first asking, “What have you been eating?" From here, Wayne would provide customers a structured plan, improving the amount and type of foods consumed for maximum wellness.

Finding himself in high demand from athletes and health conscious cliental, Wayne decided to open the second Elite Health Foods store in Culver City, CA. He made the decision to commit to health and nutrition full time, quitting his teaching position. In addition to operating the physical store, Wayne founded a consulting service named Elite Health and Sports Nutrition Management. Within this consulting service, clients across the country flocked to hear Wayne teach his wellness and nutrition programs for living a healthier life.

In 1989, Wayne founded the Elite Health Track Club as an organization of Sub-Masters and Masters Athletes.  Since its inception, more than ten National Champions and seven Olympic participants have emerged from his structured and systematic style of development.

Despite his decorated past, in August 2013, Wayne suffered a massive stroke, leaving him unable to work. However, under skilled nursery care in West Los Angeles, Wayne is in hopes of recovery.

In the meantime, Wayne’s cousin, Dedra, and her sons Chris and Robert, along with other family, Wayne's Elite Health Track Club, athletes and friends, have stepped up to the plate to continue the tradition of providing the best vitamins, supplements and health foods to keep everyone competing at the highest levels possible.

Elite Health Track Club

The Elite Health Track Club is an organization of Sub-Master and Masters Athletes dedicated to the high standards of the United States of America Track & Field Association (USATF -

The Elite Health Track Club is dedicated to growth, continuation and communication of the National Masters running scene, as well as supplementary concerns which address training, competition, nutrition and community awareness. Weekly training is conducted to enhance club athletes and their activities in the sport of running.

Currently, the club has its eyes on the 2015 World Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships in Lyon, France, as well as the 2016 World Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships in Perth, Australia (